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A Trip Report

It's hard to call this a trip because we weren't gone long it seemed like, some things that made us plan around at home and could only get away for a long weekend.

but some observations and a review or two....

the old Starlite Theater, I was expecting it to look bad but yuck what they've done to the exterior is worse than expected.

the Grand Palace, kind of sad to see, so many memories of Kenny, Glen, Lori, Waylon, ect…. and now to see the shape it is in … like I said, sad but hopefully something new will go in along with the aquarium.

the new museum going in where the Baldknobbers was... bigger than expected, almost to big for the area the size just dominates the surrounding businesses.

The Quality Inn... the one with the guitar shaped pool... older hotel but very clean, pet friendly, indoor and outdoor pool, hot tub, decent breakfast, beautiful landscaped grounds, and very friendly staff. would stay there again if needed a last second place with a pet. Front desk said they had new ownership that was in the process of remodeling the rooms.

The Village on Indian Point, we needed something different this vacation and this was different for us, a stay on Indian Point at the Village, beautiful place to stay they have these condo units built like log cabins and they are built right in the trees, you can walk to the lake, there is a really nice indoor hot tub, a small indoor pool and a fairly large outdoor pool, the condo unit itself was nice and clean with an outdoor deck to sit on, it could have used a coat of pain inside and the staff could be a bit more friendly but overall loved it and would love to go back sometime.

due to time limits could only do one thing it was either Samson or SDC, since staying on the Point SDC seemed like a good thing. Think it was our first time on a Monday, boy the park seemed empty compared to most other time we've been there. I don't know why people bought the pass to go to the front of the ride lines, they were so short there was no waiting.
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Thanks for the review Okie.

I agree with a lot of what you said. It is sad to see theaters and buildings that used to house so many great entertainers and so many fun events turn into items that seem to represent more modern items and not those family, comfy items we were used to. I guess it is simply advancement but for one, I sure miss a lot of the past that was such a part of Branson.

I love spending time with the neighbors there that live in my addition. The friendliness of the people hasn't changed. We all go out to dinner, without our phones laying on the table, and TALK about both the past, present and future of Branson. Only time will tell if the new shows and attractions will bring the people to Branson. I certainly hope so as I love this town and the people that call it home.


Branson Show Reviews by SHOW GAL

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Great Review, Okie...very helpful.
Thanks for the detailed recommendations on lodging.
Sometimes we get stuck in a rut, returning to the trued and true places, so I have filed your new new places in my head.
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Thanks for the report Okie.
The new museum does need a bigger lot. As it is going to be built upside down, you need to be able to view it from farther away to appreciate the uniqueness, but I guess that won't affect the contents.
I can't explain why, but when I look at that aquarium a voice tells me that that project is going to experience many ups and downs before the doors finally open.

The phrase, "don't take this the wrong way" has a zero percent success rate .
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