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Cool Grand Country Music Hall

In previous years I have set my Branson schedule so I could see Grand Country's Christmas show early in the season. This year, due to medical issues for a family member, I wasn't able to see the show until this past Saturday. Well, I found out that while I would have liked to see it earlier, the show is just as awesome half way through the season. They just never seem to fail.....at any time of the year.

The Christmas skits were funny and as always, done in good taste. With all the problems in the world right now, just to be able to sit back and laugh was a great relief. Mike and Jamie work off of each other better than any two on any stage anywhere.

No matter whether you are listening to the music being played in the background or listening to the headliner up front, the selections and the style in which they are performed will keep you thoroughly entertained and waiting for the next number. So many shows you see it is very obvious the entertainers are merely doing a job and nothing more. Here, it is apparent the entertainers are family and they want you to feel like part of their family. They have been members of my extended family for many, many years and I have enjoyed every single year.

DO NOT GO TO BRANSON WITHOUT SEEING THIS SHOW. Even in 2020, where everything seems to be going wrong, this show will make you feel better about Christmas and the world in general.

Way to go guys

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