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Changes for 2020 already

We have never seen this show. Sounds like it must be good.

***BIG ANNOUNCEMENT for 2020!!!*** The Johnson Strings.
We have been SELLING OUT so many shows in our current theater that we need a bigger theater next year to hold all of you!!! In 2020, our shows will be at the Americana Theatre in Branson, MO!
Come see us perform now in our gorgeous, intimate theater at the Majestic before we go to the Americana on the Branson 76 Strip next year!
We SOLD-OUT again this 4th of July weekend! Thank you for coming out and having a blast at our show! You guys are the best!
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Saw then the first year they performed in Branson....they are NOT for everybody. If you enjoy classical music, many of them arraigned by the family to their own preference, you will enjoy them. They are superbly talented and accomplished musicians. They have added lights and other stage effects this year, and last, to enhance their show. The family is, well...I sat there watching them, and wondering how I could describe them...I finally decided the best description would be to say, they are so squeaky clean, that, if you took one of the most innocent Mormon musical families, oh, say, the Osmonds, and sanitized them 10 times over with industrial strength bleach, you would have the Johnson Strings family! That’s not a bad thing...It’s just how they are! Even though I am not a huge fan of classical music, I enjoyed their show...just watching them play the various stringed instruments they have so skillfully mastered, regardless of the songs that are played, is a good experience. They do have a “Banjo Boy” of their own, in keeping with some of the Branson “tradition”, as it were. They perform a few gospels songs also, as I remember. It’s very obvious that the family is very close, and leans on each other, supporting each other, throughout their life endeavors. It’s a show you should see at least once...IMO.
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ANOTHER show at the Americana? I thought they were busy with scheduling this year, now add another...

LOL, and the yearly "branson shuffle" hasnt even started yet..

I will add, even though I have not seen them.. Good for them.!! must be doing something right, and I hope this is a positive move for them.
Just another Day..
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