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Food Review 7/21-7/24

Arrived in Branson on Thursday afternoon. Since it was just me and DD we shared some of our meals for two reasons. To save money and most important save room for dessert later in the evening.

7/21(Thursday evening) Shorty Smalls- Shared a BBQ chicken dinner,1/2 bbq chicken,ff,slaw,and baked beans. DD didn't want ff so she ordered a loaded baked potato and I ordered a dinner salad. We also had a coupon for a free onion loaf. This is our favorite place to eat in Branson.

7/22 (Friday) Billy Gails for breakfast: We arrived around 9:30 very busy 30-45 min wait. DD ordered sloppy biscuit(biscuit,cheese,sausage and egg smothered with gravy and hash browns. I ordered pecan french cakes. I wasn't for sure what this was , so I asked the waitress. Pancakes with pecans fried than dipped in french toast batter and refried. Omgosh it was awesome. The 45 minute wait was way worth it. Gail and her staff are always friendly.
Supper: Billy Bobs-DD had cheeseburger and FF. Their hamburger is the fresh ground beef not the frozen patties. I ordered a tenderloin with FF. Again the food and service was great. After some shopping on the Landing off to the Farmhouse for some blackberry cobbler with ice cream! Delish!!

7/23(Saturday) We decide to skip breakfast and have a early lunch.
Florentina's- We ordered rigatoni florentina and stuffed mushrooms. We told the waiter we was going to share the rigatoni and they was nice enough to divide it into 2 bowls. You also get bread with dipping sauce. Even though we shared, we could not finish all of it. It was the best italian food we have ever had. Since this was our last night we decide Andy's would be the grand finale for this trip. DD had a James Brownie Funky Jackhammer. I had the Ozark Turtle Sundae. Good as always

7/24(Sunday morning) Leaving-its always a sad time Stopped a Panara Bread for a cinnamon crunch bagel with honey nut cream cheese. Our plans was to go to Danna's on Sunday for lunch and then head home. On Saturday night I remembered that they are closed on Sundays. So I guess we will have to put Danna's on the list for next trip.
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Thanks for your review.

You ate at a couple of our favorite spots....Shorty Small's and Florentina's. Shorty's has a chicken salad that is wonderful. They make their own honey mustard dressing and it is so good. Also enjoy Florentina's pasta dishes and pizza.

Glad you enjoyed your meals in Branson.

Branson Show Reviews by SHOW GAL

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Thanks for the review. You chose some of the best in Branson.
You need to put Danna's on your agenda for next trip for sure.
Our on the way out of town breakfast stops, in addition to Billy Gail's are McFarlain's, and if with others who enjoy buffets, Grand Country. McFarlain's Crab Cakes Benedict are amazing, and with a 1/2 biscuit (their biscuits are ginormous!) and gravy, it keeps me full up until we are home, and until supper time.
We don't often do buffets, but when we do, Grand Country is the best in Branson. Especially breakfast. Everything you could want including an omelet station where they make you an omelet with whatever you want to through on the plate.
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MMMM!! I miss Branson food. Thanks for the review!!
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