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Old 03-22-2003, 02:06 AM   #1
The Mat Maniac
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Discussion of the Branson of Past

Ya know..I was bored...sitting her planning out my vacation and such....and was day dreaming and being nostalgic...and I was wanting to start a conversation topic...

What from the past in Branson do you miss....could be anything..shows, attractions, hotels/lodging, restaurants, etc...mine is a big list...and remember..some of this if from my LAST trip (10 or so years ago)...but I hear some of these are gone from hearing what others said...would love to hear from others....as well as perhaps some others have the same memories too..

First and Foremost

SAMMY LANE RESORT: this was a great great place to stay..and one my family has always stayed at. I even had heard from my mom last summer that my aunt had spent their honeymoon there MANY MANY Years ago. This was a great place...down to earth...kinda rustic (though later years they got stuff like TV's and such in them)..but still fun to stay at. GREAT Pool, nice management, playground, etc. Always nice clean cabins..and a good view of the lake..and other stuff like at night..the star..and the candle glowing in the sky.. Was always a place in high demand..and reservations at times had to be done way early (like if in July or August...a good time to make reserv. is November )...stay there with alot of family that is no longer around.. 2 of my uncles, my brother, and lastly my mom should have been included in the branson landing but sadly wasnt

FISHERMANS ROOST: unless in restaurants...there were and are very very few bars in town...strip or downtown. This was a nice little cozy place, at times in walking distance of where we stayed (see above)..almost Cheers like..with it being a small town bar and such..

THE PLUMMER FAMILY: besides the Baldknobbers and the Presleys..this was a great show..country music and comedy....Couzin Zeke was the best. After he left to start his own show in Branson (and still has one that is elsewhere)..they shortly closed up doors also...that building later became Moe Bandy's place.

LONGS WAX MUSEUM: I loved this wax museum...and it was around the last time I went...and is now replaced by Hollywood Wax. I cant compare yet (though June I will)...but this was a cool place to go to...the 2 cool Wax figures I remember from the time were Elvis and The Incredible Hulk. The reason they were cool were: Elvis - you pushed a button and a song played.. Hulk - You pushed a button and first you see David Banner..and then the lights go green, then dark...and then you see the Hulk.

ROADSTERS U DRIVE: I thought this was a cool concept...drive around Branson in style in old time 30's roadsters. the one thing I didnt like was the fact that I had to sit in the "rumble seat"...or as we call now..the back seat...the wind hit me hard..and i think thats the reason for some "recession" ..but they were cool looking cars none the less.

DIMITRIS: The one time in BRanson we dressed up and ate fancy...this was a cool little fancy restaurant. Good food..pricey but worth it...we ate at the ORIGINAL building which was ..yep..you guessed it...next to Sammy Lane Resort...before that restaurant caught on fire...then we ate when it was temp in a hotel around town...never got to try it on the lake though.

DOCKS: Ok..yes..I know the docks are still around...but some of hte ones I remember were the ORIGINAL docks...where Sammy Lane Pirate Cruise and others were. One attraction to those docks was that they had major arcades on them....sadly I remember on the news long time ago...about lightning that struck one and down it went...years later going back...new docks...but not arcades on them.. (ok..yeah..Im one that is lazy not wanting to do the day trek on 76...hehe..)

SHEPARD OF THE HILLS EXPRESS WAY BEING A SECRET - Ok..during the last times I had gone....the express way was a good secret shortcut around traffic and such...which we took to get to the other end and such..but I believe now that everyone uses it....it used to be nothing but a hotel or 2...and maybe 2 shows....but with what I heard...it got a lil bigger. BUT..I remember out there one time on the side of the road a guy with a wood carving place...where we got a sign for our house and trailer....if anyone knows if the place is still there..let me know...Id like to get one for my new family...

Im done...and now sleepy.. would love to hear others...

The Mat Maniac
aka Tim
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Old 03-22-2003, 05:54 AM   #2
Catch Cyclone Fever!
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Good post...here's a few that I miss...Mutton Hollow...it was peaceful place to spend a couple hours. The Plummers was a fun ol' show to go to...also, miss the Texans. Remember the Bob-O Links...miss them too. Really hasn't been that long to miss the good Mexican resturant downtown....but that's on my list too. But I enjoy the improvements that has come with advancement.
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Old 03-22-2003, 07:25 AM   #3
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I remember fishing off the docks in downtown Branson nearly 20 years ago - dh & I were newlyweds, with friends - we had a good time, I didn't catch a single fish - and our friend set the hook on his now wifes' pole, and got to pay the conservation department a hefty fine . We ate lunch that day at the DQ which was located downtown. I also remember when the football field was on prime land downtown, on the lake - although I have no recollection of who won those games we played.

As a child, we spent many Sunday afternoons with all our cousins, my aunts & uncles, going to Branson. We'd drive down, stop and eat a picnic lunch around the tombstones in the park which is now Shepherd of the Hills. It was full of persimmon trees, and I vividly recall Dad convincing an entire family to 'taste' a persimmon before fall We would load back up in the cars and go on to SDC - usually getting stuck in traffic - and Grandma and my uncles would get us out of the car, and we'd walk along the road, eating the wild strawberries and the blackberries along the way. Those were the days when a busy day at SDC meant that you had to park in what is now lot C - usually you coul park in the now handicapp parking. Those were the days!
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Old 03-22-2003, 07:34 AM   #4
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I miss The Plummer Family and the Foggy River Boys. Randy Plummer was still active last year in the Doug Gabriel show. I talk with him each year.

Don't miss the traffic. Started for downtown one morning, and had to turn back because we would not make it back for the afternoon show.

Motel prices are very reasonable now. I had a written confirmation once for a motel, but they raised the rate $8.00 when I arrived. They told me to take it or leave it, because the next person in the door would take it at the new price.

Presleys had a cafe where Landrys is. Very pleasant place. The town still has a lot of friendly wait staffs.

Have been to Branson many times and have seen many changes. I just hope the expansion stops soon.

One more item. There was a comedian on an afternoon show named Gilley. He was as funny as any comedian in Branson. He was on a mountain rescue, fell and died. Sometimes wonder where he would be now. Donna Dalton played piano at many shows. What a wonderful personality. Wonder where she is now?

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bob -0- links and the show that came after them in that theater the Texans.

one of our all time favorites was the Wilkerson Bro's, reminded you of a gatlins bro's type act, also had a really funny comediean that we saw at the plummers before moving to the wilkerson's named cousin zeke, was always my favorite comedy act in Branson.

excited about celebration city but there was something peaceful and restful about the old mutton hollow.

presely's restaurant, best buffet in town

don't miss the traffic, glad to see the four lane from springfield to branson, but do miss the more scenic drive that the old road had instead of the blown out solid rock walls there now.
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The Downtown Campground

My parents and I used to stay at the downtown campground all the time -- every year and they would stay there for a month at a time every summer and fall. Then they started going down for 2 weeks in the spring. So I always had a place to stay for a quick weekend out of town. Was wonderful!

Spent many a relaxing night down there with parents and friends tha they made over the years. We may have parked on what was called "Senior Citizen's Row" but I was more at home there than anywhere else in the park.

I continued to stay and visit there after mom and dad were gone, purchasing my own trailer (a little popup). I used to stay across from SCR and was still able to visit with friends my parents had made over the years. Still correspondend with one or two of them who have not passed on.

One of our favorite things to do was sit in our lawn chairs on a cool evening and what the bug zapper zap those mosquitos, walk along the lake front with the dog, even walk up to the Piggly Wiggly in town for supplies when we didn't want to drive that far. Even took a little dip in the lake in the area surrounded by the sand bar on a really hot day. Yeah, was cold, but after about thefirst 10 minutes you didn't care and it felt great on your feet after walking all over Silver Dollar City or around the town.

Plummers and Presley's were my dad's favorite shows so saw them every year. Then went to see the Wilkerson Bros and of course Zeke who was affectionately known as Guitar Man when the CB radios' became very popular. Used to talk to him all the time when we would be in town.

Then dad found Shoji and we would go there every year till he built his new theatre out on the expressway. Unfortuantely, Dad never got to see that one and Imust admit I've never been in the new theatre.

After Dad passed on (2 years after Mom), I kind of quit going to the shows. My hubby wasn't that much of a country fan, was more the antique/flea market shopper so just kind of got away from all of that.

Saw the Plummers are operating a show of their own with another couple up around Shell Knob I believe. Don't quote me on that. Used to love Melanie Plummer and even saw her and her husband (at the time - don't k now if they are still together or not), playing a little club in KC at one point, and got to know her pretty well then.

Still have fond memories of the old drug store downtown where the restaurant is now (used to be Penelope's for a while) and going to the old soda fountain for an ice cream soda. Don't forget the DQ downtown where the visitorsinformation center is now. That was always a trip with Dad so he could get ice cream and a cone/cup for the dog.

Sammy Lane Pirate Cruise was always a trip during those days. Went every year with friends that would travel down with me from college for a week. One of them I still call my "sister" who was lucky enough to marry a boy from down there and move permanently. So I still have someone to visit and go see several times a year.

Sammy Lane Resort - loved to stay in the old log cabins. After they could no longer accept pets, stayed at Allendale/Sharps Resort. Then at the end, we found Brill's Rainbow Resort and was going to start staying at the Wild Bird resort before all this talk about Branson Landing.

Still go downtown to wander the many shops down there. Love the Victorian shop next to Dick's and of course have to go to Dick's for my junk shopping fix. Branson Cafe for Breakfast and Beans and Cornbread for lunch is still a regular stop.

Oh yeah -- the old carolina mills where you could get great material at a great price -- before they went to the tourist trap stuff. When I was into sewing all the time, would go there for my material for suits, dresses, etc. Always got the greatest styles and stuff. now I don't think they do anything like that any more. Last time I was in there, I was very disappointed. Guess they make enough on all their $ stores and gift outlets that they don't need to keep the material inventory any more.

I think I've done enough down memory lane for today. May elaborate later on other places.
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I miss the old forestry tower that stood at the corner of Hwy 76 & Gretna.

I miss the huge stand of pine trees that was on Hwy 76, about where Shoney's is now. At least I think that's where it was. The landscape has changed so much, it's hard to remember.

I miss all the old resorts, in the old downtown area.

I miss Presley's campground, that was there behind where Landry's is now.

I, too, miss Mutton Hollow. I hated to see the Branson USA people come in and cut down all those trees.
I'm glad to see that SDC has planted so many trees at Celebration City!

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i also miss mutton hollow.
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MRC 81
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Plummer Family Website

THE PLUMMER FAMILY: besides the Baldknobbers and the Presleys..this was a great show..country music and comedy....Couzin Zeke was the best. After he left to start his own show in Branson (and still has one that is elsewhere)..they shortly closed up doors also...that building later became Moe Bandy's place.
I miss The Plummer Family and the Foggy River Boys. Randy Plummer was still active last year in the Doug Gabriel show. I talk with him each year.
Here is the Plummer Family Website.
The Plummer Family Country Music Show
MRC 81

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MRC 81
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Remember ...

Remember The Corn Crib Theatre?
MRC 81
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I miss Allan Dale & Sharps we would meet friends there and enjoy Branson together. Also miss Dillions at it's old place, guess we'll have to try the new place and see if it's just as good. Miss the craft places that are no longer around.
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I miss Janice Presley!!!!!!

She used to sing with her family before it was even called the Presley's and I really enjoyed her talent!
If God be for us, who can be against us?
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Missing Stuff

What I miss most is going to Silver Dollar City for FREE!! When they first opened, you just parked and walked in (across the swinging bridge).
Having grown up with the Presleys, I've watched them since they performed in our grade school fall festivals. Back then, it was Lloyd and his brothers. The kids (Janice, Gary, Steve)started performing later. I miss watching them in Fantastic Caverns, north of Springfield. They'd do a show on Friday night and tape it, which was played on a local radio station on Saturday.
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Re: Remember ...

Originally posted by MRC 81
Remember The Corn Crib Theatre?
yes, I remember going to the Corn Crib Theater with my parents -if we were going to see a show it would either be at The Corn Crib, or Presleys'.

We use to frequently see the Presley's because, our neighbor, Bob Leftridge was with them for years - he's moved to the Baldknobbers show now. He's one talented guy!
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Corn Crib Theatre -- Talk about memories.

Did you go when Grandpa Jones used to perform there from time to time? I know part of the troupe from Silver Dollar City used to perform there also in the evenings.

What a hoot! Just old fashioned hillbilly humor.

Also remember the huge slide that used to be where the Veterans Memorial is now?

Don't forget the Hot Spot where part of Grand Country is now or Wayne's Restaurant! Great place for home cooked meal.
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