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Yes, to often a business will settle litigation just to make it go away no matter who is at fault and the public/customer pays up in the long run unless it drives them out of business.
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Originally Posted by leftsaidted View Post
Quoted: "...Drop in the bucket. That's what insurance is for".

Um, WHAT??? Do you think an insurance company pays out large cash settlements happily, turns around to their insured client, and slaps them on the back, and tells them, hey, no big deal! Good job! NO! NO! NO! Just the opposite happens in business....the insurance pays out when it is forced to...then turns around IMMEDIATELY and RAISES the premiums the business MUST PAY to stay full insured and in business. And then the stockholders/owners PASS THAT INCREASED cost on to the consumer...which is YOU AND ME! There is no "Free Lunch" in life...and doubly so in the business world.
I definitely get what you're saying here. But SDC will look at the big picture. The quicker this situation goes away the better it will be for SDC.
Does anyone know any more details on this accident and how badly this person was injured?
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Has anyone seen an update on this lady's medical condition?
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