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Originally Posted by ggh View Post
I agree.

It would be valuable between jobs or paychecks, and it doesn't have to be bulky to store or costly, beans and rice will stretch a meal.
Excellent reasons.
Also having an extra stash of food allows you to help others.
How many times have the kids suddenly remembered to tell you - the night before - that there's a food drive at school.
Or you hear a neighbor is sick and you have extra Sprite and Soup to take over.
There are many situations when having some cake mixes on hand enabled you to cheer someone up or saved you a trip to the store.
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Add to the list; a stash of cash in various denominations, kept in a fire proof safe....
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Yes...both canned dog and cat food have always been high on the list of hard core "survival" experts...as they would never be eaten and never replaced, hence always available, once a person has purchased them and stored them for an un-for-seen emergency...
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Can you imagine the run on the grocery stores along the East Coast in Florence's path right now.
Much better to be able to avoid all that with a pantry of what you will need.
And keeping a decent amount of gas in your vehicles is a good idea. Never letting your tank get under half full is a smart habit.
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