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Branson, our road isn't safe yet...

Saw on the Titanic webcam that the roads over there are nice and driveable.
Saw on the news that it is safe to drive in Branson. I'm in Branson, look how thick the ice is on our VERY long road... Two people got stuck this morning. Even the country boys are having trouble. The postal truck is still wearing chains, and UPS won't come down our road. Wonder why it is worse on our road?????

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Just wondering, are the Branson and Hollister schools closed??
Revelation Lady
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Originally Posted by revelladee View Post
Just wondering, are the Branson and Hollister schools closed??
Yes, Branson, Hollister and 3/4 of all other schools w/in 100 miles of Branson are closed - there were over 300 closed schools earlier in the week, a few of the schools are now open, like Springfield, Ozark and Nixa, but there are many more schools that are closed, still today, than are open. (They all had class last Monday)

The roads that aren't main roads to everyone in town, aren't going to be cleaned off, regardless where you live. Springfield doesn't clean off any residential areas - in fact, it has 'snow routes' of a half dozen or so main roads, east and west, and about as many north and south, that Spfld does plow - nothing else is plowed, it's left to Mother Nature to clean them off.

My little town is the same way - although the county does plow the county roads - the city clears the square, and a few arterial roads leaving the square, and I think the road to the school is routinely plowed in this kind of weather - but few if any residential roads are plowed.

In general, SW Missouri it's uncommon for weather like this to last over a week - in fact the temps in the 50's tomorrow will mean most of the ice and snow will melt off then. Because of that fact, it's unrealistic to think that cities and counties have the money available to buy snow removal equipment, and pay folks to clear off all the roads in an area. (inconvinient as it may be to those of us who can't get out of our driveways)
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Originally Posted by PepsiGirl71 View Post

The street in front of my house, in my little town, has looked like this for over 2 months....true story, folks..... I don't live near the state highway/street that runs through our town & that's the only clear road in our town! Even the "square" has been neglected by "the city" this year, due to budget cut-backs, etc. The city snowplow has passed my house a total of 5 times, so far this winter, but the street is still a solid sheet of packed snow & ice....

It's winter in the USA, folks. I know some folks in KY were told not to expect power for 2 weeks!
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Old 01-30-2009, 01:02 PM   #5
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We're on one of those remote lake roads that ends out on a point. Since we got it adopted by Stone County they have done a great job. Yesterday a grader totally cleared it down to asphalt.

It makes all the BS I went through well worth it. Even those dishing it out during the project are benefitting, and will forever . . . at least as forever as forever gets.
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Old 01-30-2009, 02:06 PM   #6
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The neighbors got together and pushed the cars that were stuck. Nice, helpful people around here. Glad that is over with. I also learned that there is a big difference between front wheel drive and rear wheel. I'm always learning something here!
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Wow, those icy roads in Branson look like my driveway did!
And my driveway goes down the side of the mountain,
so when its slippery you don't dare try and go down!
But, PRAISE GOD, I was able to finally get down it today
and get to my mail box!!
And once down my driveway the roads are clear and dry.
I'm more than ready for winter to end...
well truthfully,
I was ready for winter to end before it began
(but that's beside the point!)
If Hawaii wasn’t so far from everyone,
I think I’d like to move there!
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Linron,,,,,,I will move next door to you in hawaii,,,,,,,,,,,,
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