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They will climb or boost others to get whatever they want even if there is an associate right there,
stocking walmart somewhere
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Originally Posted by DalmatianDad View Post
Yes BW.
I can understand the plight of the stockers.. A big part of one of my high school summer jobs. Our store was famous for the everyday special of 9 cents for a can of tomato soup. Sold millions and it was really tough keeping the shelf full. Plus, it was a bottom shelf and not a very big one.
I suggested that we should raise the soup to the eye level shelf and make it wider. Boss said that was a bad idea Can you guess why quiet 65??
And the answer is....
Our 9 cent tomato soup was legendary, no advertising necessary, everyone knew about it and exactly where it was. Most of the time it was a loss leader so there was no real desire to sell more than we already did, so it occupied the worst location in the store..The bottom shelf. The eye level shelves were for the items we were pushing because we actually made money selling them. In fact, suppliers often offered us better deals if we agreed to display their products at eye level or on end caps......So I kept on doing the hands and knees tomato soup bit 2 or 3 times per day.

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Yup DD, Working on new, or remodel projects in many suermarkets I've seen some great altercations between venders. All fighting over a few inches of shelf space for their product.
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