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Please read: For debates and similar topics

With the increased number of active users comes an increased number of opinions and personalities. This comes with good and bad.

The good is that visitors get a wider variety of opinions on shows, attractions, restaurants, lodging, etc. The bad is that visitors also get to see personality clashes, debates and threads that devolve from critiques on shows to why that show shouldn't be there and another one should.

In an effort to be fair to all and allow many different types of conversations, this board is becoming less information oriented and more debate oriented. I have come to the conclusion that I need to narrow the focus of this board or else risk losing focus completely.

"What is the focus?" This board is here to support those who feel that Branson is a place they'd like to visit or continue to visit. Visitors should be able to ask questions and find answers to questions without having to wade through endless debates. I am not going to remove negative reviews and leave only positive reviews, people need to get a good feel for the things they want to see and do in Branson. This board is here to show why Branson is a great place to visit.

"What will be removed?" Posts that include name-calling or personal insults will be removed. Posts that only serve to stir up controversy will be removed. Those that are removed, are done so at the sole discretion of those moderating the forums.

"What to you mean by 'removed'?" It could be deletion or it could mean moving it to an appropriate area. If this isn't acceptable to a poster, then that poster should find a board that better suits his/her needs and wants.

If you have any problems let me know.[/color][/b]

This board is here for people who enjoy Branson and what it has to offer. Please realize that this board cannot be all things to all people, we'll just do our best to help visitors get the most out of their Branson vacation.

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Closed Thread


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