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sdc/cc dining

What are the best places to eat at the parks? We've got some kids with us so we need something that is good for them too.
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Lots of options at SDC. One of our favorites with the kiddos is Mary's Springhouse. Mary's Springhouse has more sit down meal options. My kids loved the spaghetti there. I usually try to throw in a salad and/or fruit cup wherever we eat in SDC. We always share a bowl of the Calico Potatoes, either with a meal or as a snack. You will find lots of variety in SDC, and surprisingly a lot of healthy options for a theme park.

Here is SDC's restaurant link on their webiste. Menus to individual restaurants are available here.

The options at CC are not my favorite. I think their selection of food is no where near as good as SDC. We ate at Mickey's Pizza. DH and the kids all got spaghetti and I got the salad bar. The other restaurants offered the generic kid foods - hamburgers, chicken fingers, hot dogs, french fries. There is a BBQ place in CC that we have not tried, but I think it has received favorable reviews on this board. I've told my dh that in the future I would prefer to eat outside of CC.

Here is CC's restaurant link.

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we had kids with us a time or two, they liked the burgers at the Wagon Works place on the main square and at the log camp down by fire in the hole.

another option is the grazing option, instead of setting down for a meal, snack your way around the park, we've done that a few times. ice cream, pretzels, popcorn, ect ect ect.....
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We graze around the park most the time - but when we take a crowd (and I'm going to be the one paying for the grazing) I often pack a nice picnic to eat before going into the park, or we leave the park, to eat it... A big sub sandwich on a fresh hoagie, with fresh fruit salad and crab salad will fill up most, and the grazing doesn't become a traveling meal ticket, so to speak.

We can never eat all our favorite grazing foods in one trip, Calico potatos, funnel cakes, dippin dots, homemade icecream with strawberries, frozen lemonade, ... We buy and share, everyone gets a sample, but no one eats an entire serving of anything (unless it'd be the BBQ, which dh doesn't like to share )
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At SDC, we enjoy lunch at Big Jack's Sandwich Shop. They have indoor seating with a/c and outdoor shaded seating. The best part, nobody seems to ever be in there besides a couple of people and a few emplyees. The philly steak sandwiches are great. My kids usually get a ham and cheese sandwich, chips and fruit. We just prefer to get away from the heat and crowds a bit and this is a great spot to do it. We have only eaten at CC 1 time and it was at the pizza place. Not too great. We usually eat before we go. I do think they are trying to improve the food there, so maybe this year is different.

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We are more of "grazers" also. Here are some of our favorites (although most of them are not really all that healthy):

Mary's Springhouse Restaurant - Spaghetti in a bread bowl
Big Jack's Sandwich Shop - We usually share a sandwich and then have their awesome Strawberry pie!!
Riverside Rib House - BBQ sandwich with corn on the cob
WagonWorks Grill - Last year they had a wrap that was pretty tasty!
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