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Springfield v. Branson/Allegiant v. AirTran

So sorry, I know, it's not the best time for a business as usual discussion, but we did not plan our first use of the Branson airport to not coincide with Mother Nature.

Before the fact, there was much discussion concerning the wisdom of building a new airport in the same service area of an existing regional airport. It was speculated that one or the other may do the other, or the other, in, by divvying up the business disproportionately (assuming there was business to be divvied up).

Some said, "If you build it, they will come", I guess assuming they were not already coming or having a second airport in the same area would tap into a whole new market. It's funny how fictional taglines are applied to reality as if they are axioms. Well, not funny funny.

Also kinda interesting is that Springfield also now has a new airport, a very nice one. Anyone see that coming?

One could say that the verdict is now in.

We have flown Allegiant to both Tampa (sorta) and Orlando (sorta) out of Springfield many times, and there has never been an empty seat. The service has been Spartan, but reliable and convenient.

Yesterday we had to opportunity to fly Airtran to and from Orlando and Branson, roundtrip. The service was reliable. It was convenient on the Branson end.

But, there was/were probably not 30 people on the flight back, the leg from Branson to Atlanta.

One could surmise that it is like much of the major decision-making in Branson, that big projects that appear to be a shot in the arm, or might be the shot in the arm, that Branson needs, wind up being another anchor. Public funds have been committed to the benefit of private individuals on a number of the major projects. Since the airport is, in fact, a private project, that should influence the powers-that-be in further committing public funds. You would think there is a limit to how far they would be willing to give away other people's money.

By the way, how's it gone in Branson for the person responsible, or most responsible, for the airport being built?

Incidentally, a website I found the other day hyping Branson said the airport is built on land once owned by Tennesse Ernie Ford. Anyone know if that is true, or just good copy?

As for the upside of the Branson airport, it's cute, and you get an nice aerial view.

Have a sunny day.
"The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is."
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