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I'm not sure what you don't understand when you look at their web site. All of the information is on there. You park your car and walk into the park. There is no "admission" but you pay individually for what you want to do.
Each thing has a fee.

Horseback riding - $35
Private Jeep Tour - $50
Riding the tram - $24.95
Bicycle riding - $16.95 $8.95 if you bring your own bike
Walking the path - $8.95
Fishing - different fees

Looks like they have a Adventure Pass that lets you take the tram tour, hike the trail, ride bikes, and trout fish all for $35. If you arrive after 1PM you can come back the next day. You can also add horseback riding to the pass for and additional $17.50.

This is a nature park. Here is the link where I just got all of the information that I just gave you. Iit's their brochure.
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