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Originally Posted by Crazy4Branson View Post
Imo....the best place to buy show tix is directly from the show's box office. Almost every show in Branson offers a discount of a few $$$ via coupons in Sunny Day Guide, or AARP, AAA, Veterans', or active military.

Many theaters offer discounts on tix if you buy tix for more than 1 show @ their theater. I think Clay Cooper offers this @ his theater, if you buy tix for CC & PH shows....

There are some shows available through, located @ 1100 W. Hwy 76, across from a huge fire station.... This place is NOT a time share front.

Just be cautious, as many discount other ticket booths are fronts for time share scams/sales.......
box office is the way we've always done it. especially with those shows that you need advance reservations... just always felt more secure that we would have seating where we wanted... even if it means giving up on a .50 or 1.00 coupon i'd prefer to pay the extra and have good seats.

but then I guess there's a lot of show's now that you don't need advance reservations but anything you think you might i'd go with the box office.
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