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Originally Posted by leftsaidted View Post
OK, so since we're on this topic, how about this idea? Let's do the Branson Landing mall walkway with a Viva Vision canopy, just like the Fremont Street experience is (old town) Las Vegas. While it is not waterproof, it would be a covering of some limited sheltering, but more important than that, it would draw LARGE crowds to the Landing, as does Fremont Street, just to watch in awe the light show over their heads. Then, in between the lightshows, go shopping for half an hour, supporting the various stores, then, quickly back to see another fab light show. Come on Branson Landing movers and shakers (HCW?), lets do something COOL and original in this area. It WOULD work.
I like that idea a lot.

An indoor mall really isn't needed in Branson. The time it would be most useful is during the winter, and no one is visiting Branson then anyway. All you would be doing is adding expense to heat an area that no one is using.


Good Times in Branson
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