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Well, IMO, if the City of Branson is going to SUBSIDIZE some type of entity there with public tax revenue, I wish they would do a MAJOR redevelopment of the property, with proper highway landscaping/walking park for tourists..and then behind that build a super nice, attractive, clean, reasonably priced condo/apartment rental building, to be used soley by people who WORK IN Branson in the entertainment industry...such as singers, dancers, wait staff, etc. These people are THE backbone of the entire Branson "experience" for tourists, and barely are paid enough to squeak by. The theatre owners could CONTRIBUTE also to the "subsidized" rent for their employees via the City of Branson, with some sort of tax incentive for participating, or a tax assessement to those who chose not to directly participate.

I don't know..but, since there ALREADY is a very nice aquarium 30-45 minutes up the road in's just an idea.
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