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No, the otters were not brought in by the high fence trophy ranches. They were brought in by MDC. The people who I was referring to. The once greatest Conservation Department in the country. No longer run by conservation minded outdoorsmen, but now run by college grads guided by politicians. The high fence trophy ranches are under the MDC. A ballot a few years ago that would have put their control under the Dept. of Agriculture was voted down. Not sure which one would be best. But the MDC blew it by not requiring the animals brought in from states known to have a big CWD problem to quarantine the animals far enough away from the property fences that the disease could not be transmitted. Or to have a secondary interior fence keeping their pay for trophy deer away from the property line. But that would have cost the high dollar, high fence buy your trophy place a lot of money. Might have had to charge those "hunters" a couple extra thousand dollars to claim they actually "hunted" a deer that the company feeds, and the "guides" know exactly where they are.
BTW yes, the CWD samples are taken from dead animals. But not the entire head. Just a small piece cut from the back of the neck. If you are having the head mounted you fill out a card, and the taxidermist sends the sample in so the mount isn't damaged.
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