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Originally Posted by rjw1991A1 View Post
As of May 30 in accordance with Federal regulations you must give your Social Security number in order to purchase any permit from the Missouri Department of Conservation. This includes the annual trout permit required for persons of any age to fish on Taneycomo above the Hwy 65 bridge, or to possess trout anywhere in the lake. So even a child 15 years of age and under must know their SSN or they can not purchase a trout permit.
And talk about a load of horse dung and Government bureaucrat overreach, this is it ! No wonder there are so many I.D. thefts and illegals easily obtaining valid SS #'s...this is it ! What possible reason could there be for a SS # to issue a fishing or hunting license ? Remember when you first got your SS # and they directly told you this number was not to be used for identification ? I'll bet our tourists will love this...NOT !
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