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it just depends HOW FAR that hunter had to walk in to get into his tree stand! If he is several miles deep into the woods (yes, it IS possible to be "there") and stays on the stand until sundown/dark, then carefully walks out,
Yes, I thought that could be a viable reason. However, even though legal by MDC regulations I think it is unethical to stay on your stand until the legal 1/2 hour after sunset. Especially during an archery hunt where having to track a deer in the dark is a very high possibility. Making losing the deer a much larger possibility than if you had an hour or more of good light.
Back to the original point of this thread, I find it interesting these guys were caught. In over 25 years of fishing on Taneycomo I have never been checked by an agent. A few years ago, and now again recently I have been approached by MDC employees, not agents, surveying fishermen. But they haven't even asked to see a permit, and only went by what I told them I had in the livewell. They did however want to measure one nice fish while I was fishing a tournament....and almost dropped it in the lake!
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