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Originally Posted by rjw1991A1 View Post
After a daytime look, and seeing the map, the path after the Boat Works just leads back to the Frisco Freight Barn, and entrance to the Pumpkin Nights and Grand Exposition area. We actually didn't miss anything. Don't know why the park employee at the end told me there was more around the corner.
Unless things changed after the first few days, part of the Pumpkin Nights pathway was closed during the daytime hours. There was a gate by the old Waterboggan that was closed during the daytime. From the gate there was a pathway with pumpkins to the Plaza area of Pumpkin Nights where the dance parties are held. In that plaza area, there was booths for face painting and fall snacks/beverages as well as huge screen with images. Then there was a pathway with pumpkins from the Plaza to the Grand Exposition.
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