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So many pumpkins, but so many various themes to the displays. Not just your typical scary face, or funny smiles. But a whole world of artistic displays. Every where you turn there are different themed displays of uniquely carved pumpkins. I bet you can walk through several times, and notice something different each time!
Plus there is so much more than the pumpkins. The giant tall "dancing" figure balloons, the giant balloon pumpkins, the stage and activities.
We didn't even go through the second half of the pumpkin walk. After you come out of the first part of the walk that starts in the Grand Exposition, and ends up across from the Boat Works stage, there is another path around the corner that goes through more displays, and back to the Grand Exposition.
I think it would take a couple nights to really see everything. Then there are all the unlighted displays through the rest of the park that you need to see during the day.
Without doubt, one of the best festivals SDC has put on.
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