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Originally Posted by Sptnrun View Post
1. Does Missouri have a *helmet law*
2. How much is Bransons sales tax?
3. Is the standard Missouri beer stronger than 3.2%
4. Do you have to carry a vehicle registration or proof of insurance in your truck or car?
5. Can you smoke (tobacco) inside SDC?
6. Can you drink (alcohol) inside SDC?
7. Does Branson have a hospital supply company in the city limits for: air tanks, wheelchairs etc.
8. Does Branson have an *Open Carry* law?
Yes, MO has a helmet law. Most MO beer is 4.2 - 5% depending on the brand. You can smoke at SDC in designated areas; no alcohol at SDC. Depending on the business and the part of town, the sales tax varies from 8.6 - 12.1%.

That's all I can help you with.

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