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Originally Posted by Zach7777 View Post
The 10 a.m. time slot may not be a good slot....I work at Tri Lakes Center, Mel Tillis former theatre, we had The God Rocks during July the last 2 yrs and this yr they tried 3 diff schedules, we had 10, 2, & 7....(diff times for diff days) USUALLY the 10 show was the least attended....of course it was a kids show too so I guess it just depends on the venue.....Smoke on the Mtn has been in several theatres including TLC and is still going so I would assume its doing well.
SOTM does fairly well, I think. It's kind of a different show, and they have a good reputation in Branson.
The God Rocks thing...yea, they make me sore just watching them... I dunno if there are enough kids under the age of 10 seeing them in Branson to make them really successful here...
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