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Originally Posted by BobC View Post
She's the one. She sang outstanding backup for Jim Owen and did a couple Patsy Cline songs on his show. She also had her Reflections of Patsy Show at Waltzing Waters and Legacy's Live but those venues didn't pan out. That show was a "must see" for any Patsy Cline fan. She is a very talented singer and by the title, it sounds like this new show will have her singing other country songs. I hope she includes at least some Patsy Cline material in the new show. I'm also wondering if Stephanie McKinney and Suzie Weber, also of the Jim Owen Show, will be a part of this new show.
That would be a great show if all the girls got together. They did really well in the Jim Owen's Show. Keep us posted if you hear any more details on this show.
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