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Thumbs up Once again your inverted logic proves my point!

Done properly, an aquarium in Branson would have as good a chance of making it as anywhere. As you well know, nothing is guaranteed. More than one theater or amusement park in Branson have gone belly-up too.
Well said. Look up the statistics. Aquariums generally DON'T MAKE IT ANYWHERE. They are financial losers. They may provide cash flow in the beginning which is all skimmed off and taken out of town, but over the long run (even 2 or 3 years) they are fiscal losers.

That is why the Monterey aquarium is one of the most successful aquariums in the nation. It is located in a city with many tourists, and its Cannery Row location puts it in the heart of tourist attractions.
Wrong again MNTraveler. The Monterey Aquarium was A) built at a time when the costs were more reasonable and initial construction was financed by public and private grants; B) it is in a city on the ocean where the surroundings all focus on water and wine; unlike Branson. C) there are far fewer attractions and things to do in Monterey than there are in Branson. The competition in Branson is ferocious from go-kart tracks to theaters in the Wal*Mart mall; and D) day-to-day opeation of the Monterery Aquarium is still subsidized by grants and loans.

If location is so important and if you think the decision to visit an aquarium is an impulse decision (you are wrong), how can you explain the sorry financial history of the aquarium at the Mall of America in your backyard? Or the heavily subsized aquarium at the Minnesota Zoo?

You see Traveler, I've used my resources and the internet to dig up some of the true stories about these and other aquariums. That's why they call me 'the insider'. You're not arguing with some high school kid or Ozark hillbilly here. You're way out of your league on this one. Suggest you retreat and do your research before tossing insults my way.

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