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Sorry, my good Insider buddy, but a successful aquarium has to be something of an impulse purchase when located in a relatively small town with a large number of tourists... towns like Duluth, Monterey California, or Branson. None of those towns could support an aquarium by the number of families deciding to pack the kids in the car and head out to the local aquarium. As you have pretty much stated... they just aren't THAT popular.

For an aquarium to survive it must be conveniently located in an area frequented by a large number of tourists. It must be able to attract tourists who are walking down the block, see it, and decide on the spot "what the heck -- let's give it a try". That is why the Monterey aquarium is one of the most successful aquariums in the nation. It is located in a city with many tourists, and its Cannery Row location puts it in the heart of tourist attractions.

That certainly must be the way Ripley's Believe It or Not museum survives, because I cannot believe it would be a "destination attraction" for anyone! (I've been there...) Done properly, an aquarium in Branson would have as good a chance of making it as anywhere. As you well know, nothing is guaranteed. More than one theater or amusement park in Branson have gone belly-up too.

It's always interesting reading your opinion, but of course I think you have your head almost as far up there as you think I have my head!!

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