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Re: RULE #1: Aquariums never make money to cover debt?

Re: RULE #1: Aquariums never make money to cover debt!
Man, that is really going to frost the cookies of every successful aquarium out there! We really need to get the word out to them quick before they sink event further!

I'm going to assume by your post of a negative aquarium article, that you don't believe that an aquarium in Branson is a good idea.

Personally, I think it would be a great asset to Branson.

As far as the negative article posted by bransoninsider - I'm sure we could find a negative article concerning any venture a person might start in Branson. Businesses fail all the time for many different reasons.

From the article that started this thread, it would appear that Ripley's isn't rushing into anything blindly. They are taking it step by step and ensuring that they "have all of the necessary pieces" before they start building anything.

From the article you posted it is unknown why they haven't brought in the revenue that they projected. Not enough feasibility reasearch? Not enough advertising? Poor management? Construction cost overruns? Other things I haven't event thought of yet?

Just because a business doesn't work some place doesn't mean the type of business is bad.

I remeber an article I read a while back about a successful Mexican restaurant chain in Texas (I believe it was TX), but they decided to expand their horizons and built one in a community in Florida. This community seemed ideal, lots of restaurants and lots of dining out, and no other mexican reasaurant in town for competition. Long story short, they closed the doors in a very short time and learned why there was no other mexican restaurants for competition - the general population preferred non-spicy food. Does this mean that a Mexican restaurant is a bad idea? Obviously not - Just in that location, at that time.

Guess I should have posted that article in the Dining forum when they were having that discussion about the new mexican restaurant opening in town........

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