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Waylon, Willie and the Good ol’ Boys (and one Stunning Woman!!) is, dollar for dollar, one of the best shows in Branson, period, if you are interested in MUSIC and SINGING. There is no glam lighting, no hillbilly costumed-blacked out teeth-overall wearing-corncob pipe smoking “comedian”...just a couple hours of pure high energy, “outlaw” country music, performed by three of the top talented performers in Branson, Dave Sanders, Shane Vorhaben, and Heather Gentry, backed by their live Outlaw Band. Small theatre, very basic, but good enough concession stand. Don’t miss this show...yes, all the others listed above by other posters (Clay Cooper, Haywood’s, Grand Jubilee, etc) are all top notch acts that you will no doubt enjoy very much....but, there is just something very special about this show...maybe because it is just one solid hit after another for the entire time, minus a very short intermission, where you can meet Dave, Shane, and Heather for a few minutes, grab something quick from the concession stand, or use the restroom...(but, quite honestly, you probably wont get to do that, as once you meet the 3 performers, and start talking to them, you will no doubt find yourself there the entire intermission time, as I observe happening to most of the audience!). Seriously, this is a show NOT to be missed...see it BEFORE the others named will not be disappointed.

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