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Originally Posted by bransoncutie View Post
I totally get the fact that it is a major inconvenience. But I will not let the airport be blamed for something which is completely out of their hands this time. If the FAA doesn’t say they can fly, there’s not much anyone can do about it.
As usual, much ado over the "next big thing" only to have something jump up and bite the public in the butt. Wasn't it the airport that first solicited this carrier? Wasn't it the airport that then approved this carrier. Wasn't it the airport that advertised and touted this carrier? Now you're saying that you won't allow the airport to be blamed?

I get it, I really do. Many folks in this area make their living off tourism. Therefore, it hurts all of us, (some directly but all indirectly), when something, anything, tarnishes the reputation of the area or even the perception of the area. The recent tragedy on Table Rock was a biggie. The closure of what should have been a cute family attraction after less than 60 days of operation was, in my opinion, at least a skinned knee. The delay/lack of certification/screw up with the charter carrier is more than just an inconvenience. It is just one more instance of promises made and then not kept.

I love this area. I chose to move here because of all the good things about the area and the people. But that doesn't mean that I am blind to any shortcomings, (and there are some).

I would hope that the folks who propose new things, new services, new attractions would take a clue from the owner of Bass Pro. He's not in a hurry, he takes time to do it right the first time and, if he runs into an unexpected glitch, he finds a way to turn it into a positive, (reference the sink hole at Big Cedar).

I hear the airport is for sale. Maybe Johnny should buy it.


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