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Originally Posted by VictoriasMom View Post
I saw on FB, probably the 4th post down in the comments section: "They have only posted flights thru August but they will be with us until at least November......its just not posted yet"

And also another announcement in a few weeks.

I'll put 5 bucks down on Sliver Airlines. NotJBL should know of them with his Florida time. They are ditching their Saabs for brand new ATR -42-600s with 46 seats and 33 inch seat pitch. They got 20 on the way. They, themselves teased BKG/MCO. BKG is on the outer limit on that planes range but they just announced Huntsville AL. I see a them tacling on BKG to that route 3x a week, maybe more. They also want to put a base in New Orleans so there's that. This isn't a charter for hire like Elite, Orange and the others but a small, legit airline.

You know what route I'd like to see, BKG/BNA/TYS. That's Branson- Nashville-Knoxville or replace Nashville with Memphis
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