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Seems it doesn't matter if a place has "room" for dancing or not, I have never had any issues or problems getting up at any show and dancing a little, if the music and mood was "right"...I was at the Million Dollar Quartet a month or so ago, and they were going to town on a "just gotta get up and dance" old R&R this other girl (never seen her before) sitting 2 seats down from me looked over at me, guessed that I was feeling the same desire she was, and said "LETS GO"! So we danced the entire song, in front of (what felt like, since we were alone) God and the Universe!! But so much fun! Done that at alot of places...I mean, come on, these songs were NOT meant to be listened to sitting on your keyster, tapping your toes....they were meant to get up and SHAKE IT!! So please, don't be shy, just get up and go for it!
And of course, as an aside, it is "officially" mandated that you MUST get up and dance at the Liverpool Legends...almost the entire show! They invite everyone down!
Plus, on the "classic country" side, there are many old fashioned "belly rubbing" slow dancne songs to have fun with!
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