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Talking Sounds fishy to me

Originally Posted by rjw1991A1 View Post
Great to hear you are fighting back and improving. Also glad the water didn't get any higher than it did. Thought about coming over, and doing some trout fishing in your back yard!
What was really interesting was the family of geese, (goose, gander and 5 goslings) swimming up to the edge of the water by the back patio and eating from what once was my hay bale garden. Also, it was interesting to watch 2 blue heron fishing about 25 feet from the house.

Day 8 out of the hospital. Up early for an appointment with the urologist, (more assaults on this old man's dignity. Why is it that urologists have fingers the size of large bananas?). It was interesting to get out of the house to see that the world is still out there.

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