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a quick update

Just a quick update and heartfelt thank you to all my 1Branson buddies who have sent prayer and well wishes.

One week ago Thursday, I went unconscious and had to be rushed to Cox in Branson. My fever was 103+ and I had developed sepsis from a urinary tract infection. It had begun to affect my heart, lungs & kidneys, (a bit later, one of the CCU docs told me I was about 15 minutes from checking out permanently).

I spent 7 days in Cox, (I cannot sing the praises of the staff there high enough... even the grumpy phlebotomist who seemed to get great joy in awakening me at 4:00am to draw even more blood.) I was subjected to every test, procedure and puncture known to human, (and monkey), medical science and the net result is that aside from a prostate that will need attending to and some minor congestive heart issues, I seem to have come through this ordeal in fairly good, if weakened condition.

The storm has added an extra layer of excitement as Short creek has started coming up into the back yard & Vi, Matt & one of the two cats evacuated. I stayed home with the other cat as I judged myself too weak to evacuate.

So far, so good, and with the Grace of God I will continue to mend.

Once again, thanks to all for their prayers, concern and well wishes.


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