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I'm painting !!!!! Yes, you heard me right....I'm painting.

As many of you know I have a daycare center that is part of my home. I am changing the area that has been my office to an extended playroom and the area that was a playroom into my office. This has been an ongoing project for about two weeks now which included moving internet, tv, phone, intercom, etc. etc. as well as office furniture and playroom furniture. My old office needs painting and I can't do it when daycare is going on the next day due to paint fumes so I am going to paint my old office Thanksgiving morning. I close the daycare on Thanksgivng and the Friday after so it will have four days for the fumes to disappear before the following Monday.

Following the painting, I will be going out for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday and then bright and early Friday morning will leave for Branson. So, it will be a work/fun weekend. The new carpeting will be installed the week after Thanksgiving and then, hopefully, it will be back to normal around here.

Am looking forward to a brand new office, more play space for the kiddos, a good Thanksgiving dinner and then time spent with my extended family at Branson Center Stage.


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