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Quoted;"My comment was its just amazing how MUCH money people spend on vacation now. "

You know, my parents were from WAAY back when, and one day some years ago, I was sitting with my mom on Daytona Beach, and we were watching all the "THINGS" that people were riding (atv's, jet ski's, paddleboards, kayaks, bicycles, surfboards, boogie boards, tricyles, parasails, etc) and all the vendors selling all sorts of stuff, and she, being a well seasoned "senor citizen" by that time, was telling me that she was just bewildered by what was going on, as when she and her girlfriends would come to the beach and park their cars on it back "in the day", they would spread a blanket, pull out the picnic basket, maybe put a small tarp canopy over them, and that was ALL the "amusement" they had, as they had so much fun just enjoying the beautiful beach, walking along it for miles, and wading/swimming. She just could not believe how much it took to amuse and occupy people now days. It was an interesting perspective.
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