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Nothing new, nothing to report. But, you want to hear my take?
(and by "new", I mean "out of the ordinary scope that Branson has had to offer for many years") We don't do goofy out-dated country shows. The last one I was able to convince the family to go to was a heavily-advertised, more contemporary, fast-paced show with very talented musicians, but STILL had demeaning sexist "your wife, ha- ha" jokes. The young adult children were NOPING right out of there after that and have refused to come back.

We (2 adults, mid-late 40's) made a trip earlier this month to check on some of the properties I handle. We stopped at SDC at sunset and spent just over a hour to walk though, see the lights & parade, and buy some bread. Then we drove through the property of Big Cedar Lodge and enjoyed their light display. In the weeks after, I read a lot of chatter on Branson Facebook pages about whether or not you can do that, if they charge, etc... so the secret must be out and traffic must have picked up there. But, no way would we pay $20-30 to drive through a light display when there are nicer ones for free in other communities. (But I acknowledge that Branson is very accessible and not really a vacation destination for us. For families who are in that experience and can enjoy the "quaint" of small town, may very well feel it is worth it.)

Food... we ate a late dinner at Sips at Branson Meadows. THANK YOU PLACES THAT ARE OPEN AFTER 9PM. WE LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!! We had an amazing pizza, sat by the Christmas tree, and enjoyed the atmosphere, the bartender/waitstaff and the music selection playing over their sound system. HIGHLY recommend. (it was a week night and I realize the atmosphere may be louder on the weekend. I am also eager to experience that!)
Lunch the next day was at Grand Country Buffet. It was fine. No complaints. We went, we ate, we won't hurry back because we like to try different things and nothing really stood out.

Lodging.... we stayed at Carriage House Inn. Very affordable at a King room just under $70. Bed was super comfortable.

Stopped at Tanger and they were very busy. I ran in to one store but they didn't have what I looking for, so we left.
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