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Today My Aunt Passed at Age 102!

Do not grieve for her, she was ready to go,
still had a sharp mind until the past few months too!
She was the oldest child, with My Dad & only boy
being born last after 5 Sisters.
She outlived all her siblings, her Husband, Son & Daughter.
We rejoice that she had these good years!

Isn't it amazing in this day & time that one can live to be 102!
Her Birthday was last Monday, July 30th.
What an amazing life she had; to witness all the
changes in the world & new inventions.
....from depression,WW1, WW2, plus others that followed.

Her 102 years were definitely exciting ones!

.....on to Heaven to sing with the Angels, Auntie!

Give my Dad, your baby Brother, a BIG Hug for me, please!
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