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It’s ok....everybody take a breath (pun intended...smell ALL that FRESHLY made oxygen?)...if you are missing any trees, just walk to the edge of Branson city limits in any direction, and you will truly not be able to see the forest because of ALL the trees...and they are all generating more oxygen than you and all the millions of people who visit Branson each year could breathe if they lived to be a thousand years old.
Do you have any idea how many thousands upon thousands of trees DIED in the “wild” woods within and surrounding Branson this year? Countless....yet...lo and behold...acorns fell...some took root, and with a few short years will be mature trees, taking the place of all those that died. Just like the ones the contractors will replant...yet the contractors trees will have a several year head start over a fresh dropped and rooted acorn....Like all things upon this planet, trees ARE a renewable resource...d
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