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Have no idea who or what agency regulates those "pay to kill" captive shooting galleries but I think the only way Deer are diagnosed with CWD is in a post-mortem forensic brain testing ? Isn't that why MDC cuts the heads off of hunter's checked-in deer to test them ?

No, the Otters and Elk were not brought in by those fenced-in shooting gallery owners but directly, especially the much-despised Otter re-introduction, by poorly researched MDC programs.

You might or might not know some guys from up your way who are dedicated Smallmouth stream and river anglers, one of them resides in Kirkwood who is active on OA and is a good friend of mine. He told me about how when the introduced Otters hit the Meramec Trophy Smallmouth area they found little piles of fish bones ( where Otters had dined ) all along the river banks from where the Otters cleaned out all the good Smallmouth pools in the cold Winter when the cold-blooded fish cannot escape the warm-blooded Otters. Elk collisions aren't much of a problem for motorists...yet..... due to the remote location of Peck Ranch ! Our MDC is just like any other Government Agency and has to be overseen carefully.

Maybe Phil will acquire some fish-boxes to keep the Otters out and they will eventually depart from their source of the current "easy-pickins". Great idea, by the way, to get some underwater videos of them in action. At least the caught Trout are being taken off of dangling stringers at dock-side and not like with the salt water Anglers where old Mr. Shark or Mr. Cuda takes them

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