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Originally Posted by jbzmom View Post
No, not at all connected with Disney.

The man that owns the land is a Branson resident that used to own Mutton Hollow and the other guy worked at one time for Silver Dollar City.

Disney rumors are crazy. I am originally from NW AR and I always heard there was one going there and also in Panama City Beach. In fact the PC Beach rumor resurrected itself in the last couple of years and is circulating again.

sometimes when I get the time and a bit bored i'll poke around the internet and i've ran across those rumors of NW Ark on message boards and theme park sites, they've been around a long time and nothing has happened... I think the last one I read was that they had purchased a large piece of land in the Pea Ridge area

and there's another one from earlier this year that had to do with buying some land off hwy65 around Branson for a shopping - resort type area... but the way rumors leak out around here about anything to do with Branson... i'll believe it when it happens. but it's fun reading even if it doesn't happen
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