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Originally Posted by DalmatianDad View Post
Thanks for that info Blaze, glad all is well, but hope she gets another computer....if she wants one.

. Got any recommendations for a good cruise line out of Galveston?
Anytime you want to ask, IF I don't know the answer I'll get it for you.

With more than 25 cruises, we "think" we've covered all the bases.
We're about 4-5 hours from the Galveston Cruise Port.

Our packing is done completely the night before & in the car.
We leave at least by 10 a.m., so we can arrive mid afternoon.

After making a reservation several weeks in advance, we arrive &
get settled in our room, where we can park the car all week with no
extra charge. We enjoy dining at Gaidos, but there are so many good
places to eat!

Since we have cruised so much our level is up & we have the pleasure
& EASE of Boarding 1st. IMO, the worst part is having to complete our
Cruise Documents & Boarding Pass. Having it mailed to us ended about
10 yrs. ago. Our Cruise Agent is wonderful, been using her for many years.
When there is a great cruise price, she always calls us.

In the past a Passport wasn't needed. We do take ours for the times we're
in a Port. Times have changed and should we ever need the American Consulate.
we'll have it. Nor have we ever purchased insurance, but will from now on!

IF you've cruised very much, you will find several perks they used to do/have are gone!
Tablecloths in TMD are on for Formal Nights.
Men don't have to wear Suits or a Tux!
(Jerry likes this one, for it iliminates 1 pc. of luggage!
Slacks & a nice shirt with or without tiies is permitted.
No candy on your pillow!
Room isn't made up each day!
24 hour Room Service only starts & ends at a certain time.

We don't mind these changes.
IF one does, I would say STAY HOME!

We really like RC, but since we have perks with Carnival and are the 1st to board and 1st to disembark,
it's been a difficult choice to make a change, so we haven't! Also we've learned which months are best passenger & weather wise! Should you have any other question, send a message to me & I'll answer ASAP!

As for Pumpkin, we'll be talking again! We've been VERY busy this week and I've not had time to set down
and talk with her as long as she & I would like! Pumpkin is one good woman! She said she doesn't want another computer!

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