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Pumpkiin is found! :)

Late yesterday afternoon, I seared in my phone book and found her number.
I called, she answwered and we had the best conversation.

How was I to know yesterday was her Birthday?
It was and she told me I had made her day!

She was waiting on her Son to take her to Dinner,
then said she wasn't going because it's raining and
already dark!
Pumpkin also said I gave her the only present she
needed and definitely made her Day!

This was great to hear but I encouraged her to go to Dinner
when her Son arrived.

As for not hearing from her, you won't!
She gave her computer to her Grandson,
who is in College and needs it, as she told me!

As for coming back to Branson, she explained to me,
she wouldn't be coming back. Why? It was her & her Husband's
time in Branson & she wanted the memories they shared to stay
in Branson!

Most of us don't & won't understand this, but I do!
IF my DH goes before me, I would never cruise again.
Too many memories with him cruising & all we shared!

So, Pumpkin is alive and well, retired from the school Cafeteria.
I asked her what she is doing during the day being reitred?
Her comment was, "anything I want to"!

Who can ask for more? We will talk again & if I didn't have the oven going
off to take Dinner from the oven she would have talked for an hour or more!

Ending I will say Viva la Pumpkin!

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