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Smith Creek Moonshine

Well, who would have thought that you could actually find some pretty good eating at Smith Creek Moonshine at Branson Landing? I had heard it was pretty good. Found out today that this is truth. The menu is pretty limited. Mostly burgers and such, which I heard I are quite good. The ones that came to the table next to us sure smelled and looked delicious!

My friend and I both opted for a Bacon Avocado Chicken Wrap. One with fried chicken and one with grilled. We were surprised to be offered onion rings as a side at no upcharge. We both opted for the o-rings and were not disappointed. Both of the wraps were good sized, great tasting, and quite filling. The onion rings, while not freshly prepared on sight, were still quite good. It was really not your typical frozen onion ring.

Prices are quite reasonable as well. If memory serves me correctly, the most expensive item on the menu was "Pig Shanks" - which sure sounded much like the "pork wings" (whatever they were called) we used to get at Time Out. They were listed at $13.00. Most burgers were in the $9 - $11 range.

Looking forward to trying one of those burgers soon. And maybe I'll get over there at a time I can sample some 'shine!
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