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Originally Posted by littlefriend View Post
Does anyone know if the show has changed when the name did? Is it still North vs South??
We were there 2 years ago and I thought there were a lot of changes, and we enjoyed the show, the show we saw was in the summer, hope to go back and see the Christmas show again sometime.

as to the changes, 2 years ago when we were there the North now wore Red and the South wore Blue.

the theme was more of a western theme, nice change the old show was getting a little stale in my opinion. a post above quotes an article that says the Indian and thunderbird was "awkward" I disagree I didn't see anything awkward in it at all, beautifully done.

the biggest change is the giant video screen on one end and instead of a plantation setting a rock face where the animals and actors come from, the screen is very real and a nice addition.

the competition and food have stayed the same.
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