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We saw Yakov in July when we were in Branson. From my trip review:

We have visited Branson for many years, but we have never seen Yakov's show. I thought it would be an appropriate show to see on Independence Day, considering the fact that Yakov emigrated to this country from Russia and our ancestors emigrated to America too. The most enjoyable part of Yakov's show was when he spoke about when he lived in Russia and then emigrated to America. I think the show started to drag when he started talking about earning his doctorate degree. We did buy a DVD/book combo so we could laugh some more at home.
I'm not sure if Yakov's November shows would have a Christmas element, though. I would think that it would be hard to work Christmas into his comedy routines.

During my research for Christmas shows for our trip in December, I discovered that Johnny Mathis is doing a couple of Christmas shows at the Mansion this November, like Tony Orlando did last November. If you would like to see Johnny's show, you could search the Mansion's website to get the exact dates.
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