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Talking I liked but I like Presidential History!

We went to the Presidential Mueseum on Sept,28. I enjoyed but I am big into Presidential History. They did have a Replica of the Oval Office and I had my Picture taken sitting at the Desk in the Oval Office talking on the Red Phone with President Bush standing next to me. It was Cardborad Picture of the President but in the Photo it looks real.

They also had a Replica of Air Force one that you can walk through, several Replicas of Dresses worn by First Ladies to Inaugural Balls,a Limo that President Reagan rode in to his Inauguration,and Tons of stuff to read about Presidents.

My favorite part was the Gift Shop. They had Tons of stuf to buy in their and when I go back I am going to go buy some more. This Time I had bought a button that said Re-elect Bush 04. If Bush is not your Style they had Buttons that said Elect Gore in 04,Gephardt in 04,Daschle in 04 and that is about it. They also Buttons from past Elections that was real Interesting. I also got a Presidential Bloopers Video.

I also got to play around with a Florida ballot from the 2000 Election so I go to see for myself if it was Confusing or not. They had alot of Joke Items in the Gift Shop about the 2000 Election. The restrooms were closed when we were there and they had a sign on the Door that said Restrooms Closed due to overflowing Chads LOL! In the Gift Shop they had Books with every Presidential Election Results from Washington to the Currnet Bush. I am wishing I had got one now so I am kicking myself, but all well maybe next time.

I don't know if you would like it or not to me I believe it is for those that really Enjoy Presidential History. It is a little Small, but If you decide to go let me know how you liked it and I hope you enjoy!

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