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Originally Posted by sanddunerider View Post
Your statement may be true and accurate..... BUT, IF they opened this show and promoted it as.....

"Dolly Parton presents the Hatfields and McCoys, your newest Dinner and a Show in town"

Her name would make it a immediate success, of course with her money all actors and the production would be first class..

Her name AND Her money... with her backing about any show would be a success..
That is correct, but the reason Herschend bought out the competition is they don’t want anything to dilute the potential Stampede audience. There would be no motivation for Herschend to open something that would compete against themselves. That venue also has a steep parking lot which is not very customer friendly, would need to do major retrofitting of the building, not an inexpensive process. Plus they would have to pay Dolly Parton a fortune in licensing rights to use her name on another venue. She does not invest her money in the projects, people pay her to use her name and image. Just like they did with Celebration City, Herschend will be happy to let it sit empty rather than allow something to compete with them in the building.
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