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Originally Posted by leftsaidted View Post
I dunno..I personally don't like it when I look across "country" and see some monstracity sticking the 190' tall cross along I-40 at Groom, Texas...or the "egg tree" (Tree of Utah/Life) in the Salt Lake Desert/Flats outside of SLC in Utah along I-80...or the myriads of UGLY wind mill/turbines that clutter various California pristine areas, such as in Joshua Tree Park desert, down in Palm Springs, the giant, UGLY "solar farm" with a myriad of reflecting "mirrors" that can be seen for MILES and MILES in Joshua Tree National Park, and now Texas (among other states), just cluttering up the scenery when you drive through. I hate it, it just ruins that part of the drive....Nope...if I wanna see a cross, I will go to church. But, I also believe in Free Enterprise, along with an individuals Private Property whoever can stick whatever up...they are free to do so...and I am also free to carp about it every time I drive by!!
Agree in some places, disagree in others. Thought I'd hate the sight of giant wind turbines on the prairie, now find them interesting. Might feel different if I lived beside one, but I don't.

Of course, as far as interrupting views around Branson goes, I'm reminded of the old tongue-in-cheek Andy Williams joke about how unspoiled he found the area to be...
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