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Originally Posted by JoseyWales2 View Post
1. Who doesn't like to sit there and watch the women walk past. Now that is great entertainment.
2. go sit on the river edge where its cool
3. get up and walk and MAYBE lose some of that weight? OH...that's what doctors are for. To fix your body when it breaks.
4. go down to bass pro and look around.
5. get a glass of tea in one of the cafes along the way where its cooler.
6. stay home so you don't have to bitch about being outside.
7. talk to the timeshare people and get the latest sales pitch
8. sit by the fountain its always cooler there
9. go with your wife to the stores and act like you might pay off later that day. at least you are on your feet and moving that fat a**. lol...mine included. I always tell myself that..get up dumby...cant lose weight sitting here
10. go in belks and get a new shirt on sale. its cool in there and you need a new shirt anyway. if you got 10 all summer you would look better by fall.
1. Skip 1-4
2. Get a beer or two at Garfields
3. Skip 6-10
4. Bring some fishing tackle, and fish off one of the docks, or the sea wall.
5. Go back to Garfields for another beer or two.

There, narrowed it down to 5.
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