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Wow, she sounds amazing! Although it must have been very sad for her to outlive all her siblings, husband and children...thank God she had family like you still here on earth...
but boy, think of the family reunion she is having now in Heaven!

And yes, I magaine she was a a wealth of information and stories. I had a neighbor that lived just up the mountain a bit from me, in a log cabin her parents built and she passed when she was 101. I used to love to go there and sit on the porch with her and talk and hear her stories. As Mellie said of "Eva Mae", I never tired of listening to her knowledge of life.
It is so sad today, so many of the youth write off their elderly, put them in nursing homes and never go see them...and how they are cheating themselves of years of life wisdom. The indians had it right, about how the elderly of their tribes were revered.

Thanks for sharing this Blaze!
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